Are the Creators of Humankind in Conrol?

C: This is the third and final set of questions asked by Metaphysicsmusic1:

Q: Can you ask them if these original creators of mankind still are in control and still want to maintain control over mankind?

H: Control, as used in the sentence above, is incomplete. In essence, you are adult children and your ‘parents’ continue to assist you. In some ways, it is similar to having elders who share the wisdom of their years with the next generations.

Q: Is there some kind of spiritual warfare going on over the fate of the current civilization?

H: The answer to this is more complex than we can pass through the entity at this time. The short answer is: Seek your happiness. Take action towards your happiness whenever you can, without pressing yourself to exhaustion. Find gratitude for everything that presents itself to you.

The actions of another, human or otherwise, can have no negative effect on you if you are choosing happiness, safety, vibrant good health, and so on.

Q: It’s fascinating that the divide between these two states of mind are so stark these days and how that occurred. Are these different dimensions we are living in on a metaphysical level?

H: There is neither good nor evil. There is an energetic vibrational continuum. Physical manifestation of the slow end doesn’t feel good and you perceive it as evil. The quicker end of the spectrum feels more pleasant and so you like it better and perceive it as good.

There are those of you who vibrate on the slow end and find things quite energizing that those on the quicker end find repellant.

The Earth is speeding up and the vibration of humans must quicken to align with the new Earth. Those whose vibration does not quicken will be metaphorically bucked off. Those same people feel the energetic change coming. It is unconscious but they know something is happening. To maintain the status quo, they act out. Imagine they feel they are fighting for their very life. It isn’t true, but that is how it feels and this accounts for the behaviors you are seeing worldwide.

That is why we say, find your happiness. Feel gratitude. Acting as though you feel gratitude is not enough. You must FEEL gratitude. Practice until you understand what we mean.

Do not try to place yourself on the spectrum, just find your happy balance. It is the only thing that you should do. In fact, it is the only thing that you can do.

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  1. Thank You for answering these questions! Yes, experiencing happiness and gratitude on a fun high vibrational level is my intention.

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