Mechanical Work

Surprise! I awakened early today. I decided to try a backward count because I fell asleep during the count I began last night. Last night I was tired and sleepy and they were coming in by the count of negative two so who knows what happened after I fell asleep. Anyway, I started another count this morning.

Right away, by count negative two or three, I noticed some beings or energy moving towards me. They came from the hallway side of the room near the door and felt like looky loos, milling around to check out what was going on. I was a tad uncomfortable about this but kept counting backward assuming Higgins would take care of it, whatever it was.

I continued counting to negative ten and at that point Higgins asked me to count forward to negative eight, so I did. At negative eight, Higgins began to give who or whatever it was a tour of what Higgins is working on with me. After quite a bit of time I began to understand that this energy is part or parts of my home and that my home is interested in what is going on with me. This energy asked Higgins how to help me and so Higgins offered the information. I don’t know what Higgins shared with them.

Then I continued the backwards count which was interrupted multiple times. My mind drifted often and at one point I had a visual of a mechanic under the hood of a VW bug, the kind that the engine is in the back. This mechanic was working in my left kidney area. It became clear that they were fixing glitches in my connection to them. I made the count to negative eighteen point five. At that point my mind was drifting and my body was tired of lying in that same position so I got out of bed, effectively ending our connection.

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