September 12, 2018

Hi Everyone,

People seemed to like my sharing about how things are coming  with this Higgins transition, whatever it turns out to be. There was such a nice response I thought perhaps that when anything of possible interest happens I’ll post about it.

A friend of mine recently sent a meditation to try. I must have already deleted her message so I can’t confirm the details. This meditation is from The HeartMath Institute and generally it goes like this:  breathe in through your heart 3 times; then ride an elevator from your brain to your heart; when you feel better say, “I feel better.” (This is the best I remember it.)

Yesterday, I tried the meditation with a twist. I went into the storeroom in my brain where I have lots of thoughts of peace stored. I then put all those boxes on a freight elevator and rode down with them to my heart where I could live peace rather than just think about it in theory. I took many trips from brain to heart and when I ran out of boxes of peace I simply gathered boxes of compassion and finally joy.

It was a wonderful meditation, so good that I wanted to try it again this morning.

Funny thing…I asked for more boxes of peace but ‘they’ said in a sort of bored way, “You took them all yesterday.” They gave me one dusty, cobweb covered box and I took that down to my heart only to discover it was empty. It was a box from before I knew peace.

I went back to my brain for some boxes of joy. There was one small box and when I opened it, I came out: all the energy parts of me from baby to adult. We had a happy reunion. Then a very little me, perhaps one or two years old, pulled a tiny little box out for me. The very last box of joy stored in my brain.

It was so small, the size of a jewel box, I wondered what could be in that tiny little box. My little me opened it for me with such happiness! When the box was fully opened, a shower of foam spewed out and soaked me. My little girl me was so happy! She watched to see what I would do.

The foam soaked into me like water to a sponge. It filled every cavity and then set up. The best I can liken it to is foam, only hard and dry and easily scraped away. Then, that hard dry foam began to dissolve into the air and with it went my toes and feet and legs. Then went my bottom and middle. Finally, everything was gone but my head.

‘They’ said, “What do you think happens to you when your skin, skull, and sinuses are gone?” So they dissolved all that. There I was, in only my brain. Then they asked, “Where will you go when your brain is gone?”

They began to dissolve my brain. Very weird.

I can’t say where I will find myself when they finally succeed at dissolving my whole brain. They could only get as far as the area between my temples. I must’ve been holding onto it for dear life!

Blessings to you all,


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6 Responses to September 12, 2018

  1. Laura Clement says:

    This is so precious and filled me with such joy! How splendid!

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    • The first mediation was wonderful. I must’ve sat for an hour enjoying the feelings of peace, compassion and joy. This was wonderful, too, but in a different way.

  2. Utah says:

    This is a cool meditation! I’m going to try it.

    • It was cool. If you want to try the original, my friend says it can be found here: The meditation from Heart Math is on You Tube via Gregg Braden on You Tube under the 13 minute under the title ‘Harmonizing Brain and Heart.

  3. janonlife says:

    Love your meditation! The distinction between thinking about peace and living it is a very good one and I love the way you visualised that.
    As for the dissolving – that sounds so much like the chrysalis state. I remember reading that when a caterpillar forms a chrysalis, every single body part breaks down into a mush of cells before they re-form to create the butterfly. What an amazing process!
    Yes, please do keep us posted on developments.

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