Higgins Update

This is a letter I sent out to my live session group yesterday:

Hi Everyone,

It seems like such a long time since we’ve been together. Someone asked the other day how things are coming with Higgins. I suppose it doesn’t occur to me that the day to day of Higgins might be interesting because the day to day, in reality, is mostly dull 😉!

Higgins is very distant, meaning they feel very far away instead of right here. But…if I think about them, I know they are right here. If I ask a question, it seems as if they are very far away and having a difficult time reaching me. I guess it might be a little like a long distance phone call on the old rotary phones, they used to crackle and the response time was so long from the time one stops talking to the time the response is heard.

Sometimes, when I check in it seems as though there are hundreds or maybe thousands of workers doing something. All of them stop and are really quiet, like they don’t want me to know they are there.  It also seems as though it is a great inconvenience for them to have to stop to clarify my questions. It seems to put them off schedule somehow.

In these moments, when I ‘catch’ them at work, I picture it like this: I am broken down into all my cells. Each cell is like you might imagine a dragon scale to be. They are running wire under or maybe around each and every cell. It is a little like the way you floss a tooth only I think the ‘floss’ stays put once it is placed.

They do not join me for meditation, even if requested. They say lie down, don’t sit, and have prompted me with words to use as a mantra. The goal is to get as pleasant a feeling in my heart as I can achieve and hold it for as long as possible or until I run out of time. You all might enjoy the mantra: I am eternal. I am perfect as I am (even in my imperfection). In my clear connection to the eternal, I am safe from harm. I have nothing to fear. And since I have nothing to fear, I am free to look forward to tomorrow with eager anticipation. (I often vary significantly from the original but the I am eternal part never changes.)

Other than that, I haven’t noticed anything of import. I don’t levitate or materialize things from thin air….yet.

Blessings, Everyone!


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  1. Thank you for the update! I was hoping you would post something!

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