Higgins’ Closure

From Cheryl:

During a live conversation and meditation in June, there was a clear sense of ‘graduation’. I sat with Higgins quite long over the next few days digesting and sorting this information. On July 11, 2018, they gave their last live conversation/meditation ‘in this format’. It seems that Higgins as we’ve known them is now complete.

I am not entirely clear what Higgins’ further plan is but I feel certain that this was our last gathering with them in this way. This information has been unveiled to me over the last few weeks. Even though it comes as a surprise, shock even, they have said repeatedly through the years that this is not what they came here to do, this is just a warm-up for part 2. So I guess part 2 is arriving, whatever it is.

They tell me that I will now become a sort of chrysalis for 3-6 months. Whatever is happening is already starting. It is harder and harder to access them for Ask Higgins. For this reason, I am closing Ask Higgins to further questions.

Cynthia and Bob, of Ask The Council, give very similar responses to what Higgins would say so please feel free to check out askthecouncil.com.

Thank you for reading and following Higgins these years.

Bright Blessings,

Cheryl Jensen


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19 Responses to Higgins’ Closure

  1. Hi, Cheryl. We look forward to the future evolution of the Ask Higgins project. We suspect it will be better than ever. Hope you have fun the next 3-6 months. Love and light, Bob & Cynthia

  2. simulismblog says:

    Thank you so much Cheryl for your sharings. Wish you a happy chrysalid time! Impatient already to hear from the butterfly!

  3. janonlife says:

    Thank you for this message, Cheryl. Yes, I also felt the waves of surprise and shock – like losing an old and very trusted friend.
    I just wanted to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the time, effort and energy you have freely given in sharing Higgins’ wise and wonderful teachings and advice over the years. I count myself very lucky to have encountered their wisdom through your channeling, and I hope your chrysalis state over the coming months will be a comfortable and smooth process.
    As for what Higgins Part 2 will involve, I can’t imagine, but we are blessed that such enlightened beings have spent so much time helping us to grow in wisdom and understanding and I’m sure that whatever follows will be of huge benefit to humanity, as we struggle to connect with the greater aspects of ourselves that you and Higgins have helped us to reach towards.
    With love and gratitude,

    • Thanks, Jan. Shock is the word. It feels a little like having the rug pulled from under my feet. At the same time, they’ve said for years it didn’t matter how I shared their wisdom. I could share them any way I wanted and that this is just the first part and not the final part. I can’t remember exactly how they phrased it, but it’s been clear from the beginning that something else was coming. They came to me in 2005 so basically, it’s been so long since they said that I’d just forgotten that this was not their plan in the first place. Surprise!

  4. KDKH says:

    Good luck in your future work. I once had a “chrysalis” that lasted so long that I began to feel quite disconnected and depressed. Hang in there. When you emerge, all the good things will be … more.

    • This is comforting news. Thanks for sharing. As the ‘chrysalis’ stage sets in I already feel…weird. No words to describe it, really, but disconnected fits best.

      • KDKH says:

        It will pass and you can expect a huge increase in connection when you are done. And manifestation will be crazy quick and more effortless. You may want to research “soul braid.” I suspect this is what is going on for you! It’s a good thing.

      • Thanks for the info. I did look up soul braid. It will be very interesting to discover whether that is what this is. I hadn’t heard of it before but there certainly are similarities to what I’m experiencing.

      • KDKH says:

        I facilitate soul braids for my clients that are ready, and when I received my second braid this lifetime, cocoon sounded like a good description for what I experienced. It was rather uncomfortable for me to be disconnected. I hope that it is easier for you.

      • Thank you. At first it was disconcerting to be disconnected but it is proving to be freeing in a way I didn’t expect. It is a wonderful time for me.

      • KDKH says:

        Good job rolling with whatever comes up!

  5. Thank you Cheryl for your generosity in sharing such wisdom with all of us.

  6. I echo Jan’s comment. Thank you Cheryl for your Ask Higgins work. And I’m excited for you for what’s next. Seems to be a time of spiritual evolution for many lately.

    • Thank you very much. I’m also excited for what’s next. I ask and ask about what’s next but do not get a clear response, perhaps because I do not have the vocabulary to interpret it? The best I can get is ‘knowledge’ and ‘when you know, you’ll know what it is’. AAAARGH!! I’m not that patient!

      I do agree that many, including yourself, are expanding spiritually right now and if it weren’t so uncomfortable we’d all be blissfully happy about it.

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