Update on Higgins

Four days ago I posted My Pretend Life. Four days ago, Higgins wasn’t ‘back’ yet. (They disagree. They say that they were only gone for a few months but the work they were doing with me was so subtle and discrete that I didn’t notice. Okay. Fine. The result was the same, I couldn’t access them the way I was accustomed to.)

Months ago, I began to notice that I was getting some kind of communication from them. I had blocks of thought and new ideas suddenly fill my mind. Sometimes, I could have little conversations with them but they were clearly not ready to begin. It felt like they were warming up, practicing maybe. But guess what? The next day after posting My Pretend Life they came to me and literally offered to sit with me and ‘talk’. Finally, after three long years, they are ready to start the knowledge phase.

Higgins ‘asked’ where I wanted to begin. Naturally, I asked the question I have asked a hundred times with no clear response: What does knowledge mean to them? What is the knowledge phase about? They answered! I posted that response on the 14th. It is entitled Reconnecting With Higgins.

I’m fairly certain that these past two weeks I’ve been off work have relaxed me to the point they could reach me. Or maybe I just had the time to give them the access they needed. Or both. Either way, the result is the same: Higgins is back.

Higgins has been very clear from the beginning that the knowledge phase is what they are here to share. I am pleased to say I think they/we are ready to begin sharing again. Thank you all for participating in this peculiar journey.

Cheryl Jensen, October 17, 2021

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4 Responses to Update on Higgins

  1. janonlife says:

    So pleased that you and Higgins are back in recognisable contact. I’ll be following all you are able to share of the knowledge with great interest and delight.

  2. That is awesome news Cheryl. Excited to see what they have to share.

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