Reconnecting with Higgins

Higgins is gently coming back. Recently they ‘said’ it is time to Start the Asking. This morning I awakened early and my arm twitched in that way that it does when they are starting to come in. It took a few minutes to waken enough to get out of bed but eventually I made my way to a comfortable chair in the living room. Higgins and I had a very pleasant ‘conversation’.

They asked where I wanted to begin. That’s easy: I want to know the difference between Wisdom and Knowledge. Higgins has stated from the very beginning that the first phase was the Wisdom Phase. While the Wisdom Phase is important, it was provided for my edification. I needed that information to elevate my energetic offering which is a vibrational frequency. We all emit a vibrational frequency and via this frequency we communicate with the Universe around us. This frequency acts in us much like a magnet. Based on the frequency we emit, we attract and repel. We attract things towards us that are similar in frequency and repel those things that are dissimilar in frequency.

Higgins needed me to apply this wisdom in order to raise my frequency. They are a much higher frequency and it would make it easier for them to reach me. Early on they told me to keep the wisdom to myself or to share it. That decision was up to me. But Phase Two, the Knowledge Phase, is the reason for their connection with me. The knowledge they impart is what I am here to share. How I do that is up to me.

Even though I have asked many, many times through the years it is only recently that I have begun to understand what ‘knowledge’ means to them. The following is the essence of what they shared this morning.

Knowledge is more than information. It is the mastery of practical application of the wisdom teachings. Mastery has very broad meaning. One becomes aware of their interaction with the Universe and consistently practices intentional interaction which is, in fact, a request. The Universe responds to all requests. One cannot stop asking and the Universe does not stop responding. The goal is to be completely aware of one’s ‘conversation’ with the Universe and what one is ‘asking’ for. When one receives a physical manifestation of their ‘request’, one who has knowledge will be aware that this is a return of their request.

I’m going to use an analogy from Wallace Wattle’s book, The Science of Getting Rich. Many years ago people sewed clothes by hand. In their desire to make production of clothing easier, their vibrational frequency ‘asked’ the Universe for something to make stitching clothes together easier. The Universe always says yes. When the ‘asking’ became powerful enough, someone was inspired to create a machine to make stitching clothes easier. The sewing machine was developed, produced and subsequently made available to the many.

Higgins made it clear that understanding the process of Universal response is an important part of knowledge. Knowledge encompasses all the human learning that comes along with answering a request.

Yesterday, William Shatner flew through our atmosphere into space. Whether he was overtly aware of it or not, he began ‘asking’ for that many, many years ago. The Universe said yes. And all the the steps between then and now, including the development and success of Amazon which financed his adventure, and the advances in rocket technology that carried him beyond our atmosphere, all of these things were required to make it possible for him to fly into space. It may take years and years for all the steps to align, but the Universe always says yes. As long as you continue to present an energetic frequency in harmony with your ‘asking’, you will receive it.

Knowledge is the asking, the receiving and all the things humans learn along the way such as advances in machining or advances in mathematics.

Knowledge is enlightenment.

These words are weak in comparison to the visions they showed me to explain the difference between wisdom and knowledge. I wish you could be in my head with me when they ‘say’ these things. Then you too would feel happy and secure, knowing that all things are working out just as they should.

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1 Response to Reconnecting with Higgins

  1. simulismblog says:

    A superbly profound and exciting response from Higgins, again!

    It reminds me of Carl G. Jung’s answer to the journalist who asked him if he believed in God. His answer, behind a broad smile: “I don’t believe! I know!”

    According to Higgins, knowledge seems to become a deep understanding with the application of the fundamentals of a subject, the multiple relationships of the subject on different levels and their synthesis in a global understanding. Without stopping at the strictly personal level perhaps; by involving oneself in an understanding of the belonging of each one to the Whole and of the inter-relations between each subject and all the others. Superb! Thank you!

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