On Animal’s Spirits and Death

Question:    On December 1st of last year, I had to put my “dog soulmate” to sleep.  It was honestly one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.

She was ill, though we did not know, and her health declined very rapidly.  The series of events leading up to my decision to let her go happened over a mere few hours.  Even though it was my decision, I feel like she was ripped out of my life.  I couldn’t bear to put her through a treatment plan that would make her suffer just so that I could have a few more weeks with her.

I know many people that think I’m silly for missing a pet so much but we had a truly special bond.

I have a few questions about this.  Are animal spirits different from human spirits?  Where do our beloved pets go when they pass?  I know that my dog, Rosie, has come to visit a few times so she’s out there somewhere, but where?  And finally, why have I had such a hard time dealing with the loss?  Do animal spirits frequently incarnate with soul groups?

Higgins:     Animal spirits are different and the same as human spirits.

All things have a spirit. The Talmud states, “every blade of grass has an angel watching over it whispering, “grow, grow!””. This is variously translated but the essence is the same. Every growing thing has a spirit that guides it and all things, just like humans, exhibit preference. Rocks, molecules of water, slugs, donkeys, dust and dogs…everything has its own spirit.

Note that a molecule of water has its own spirit. A puddle of water has a spirit.  A lake of water has a spirit.

There is a difference between spirits. The human spirit is different from the spirit that is an Angel. An angel rarely chooses to become human. When it does only a portion of its spirit is given over to the human body and life. Human spirits want to be human for the growth potential, for the learning.

Dog souls become dogs because they want to participate in the Earth experience. Dogs find fun in life more than humans do and physical life is always growth for them, too.

Humans can become dogs, even insects, but cannot become Angels. For a human to become a dog it is like an actor playing a part. A human cannot become an Angel because that is equal to saying to your friend, “I’m going to be you”. You can never be that person although you can emulate all their qualities.

Although humans can become dogs they don’t do so very often. That is a little like the surgeon taking a job as a nurse. They are simply trained for two different things.

There is a realm adjacent to the Earth realm where non-physical resides. Non-physical is among you not separate from you. When one of you dies (including dogs, cats and ants) their soul simply steps out of the body. It is then free to move about as it chooses and zips about the Universe at will. That means your dog’s soul is free to visit you anytime she chooses. She may have enjoyed life with you so much that she hangs around, haunting you like a ghost. Perhaps she drops in to visit and help connect you to the other side. (From our perspective it feels as though it is the later. We feel this connecting and understanding will assist you in your chosen career path and she is helping you firm this connection.)

You are having a hard time dealing with this loss because you have allowed her to take your energy with her. She’s not doing this on purpose. You are giving it, throwing it after her. Remember what we told you about school…hold your energy unto yourself. Remind your energy body to flow harmoniously through you. When you do this be sure first to call to Rosie and tell her what you are doing. Tell her you love her but need your energy back. Tell her you want her to keep visiting whenever she chooses. Tell her all the things in your heart. But you must carry your own energy. It is vital to your success as a human and as a healer.

We will leave responding to the final question until we are clear on the meaning.

Received November 20, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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