Seeks General Information for Sea Travelers

Question:       I have been wondering about Higgins. Do they have any information that would be beneficial? I’m inquiring in general; however, I’m certainly open to anything that comes up pertaining to the sea or us travelers at large or like the most important representation we can be when meeting the villagers (from Higgins perspective-in simple terms, that is). Or am I being naïve? I would imagine just being ourselves for a starter, eh?! I always think there must be more and it’s always a desired thought to better myself.

Higgins:     We do have some things we wish to share with you.

Regarding meeting villagers: relax. Regardless of situation when you are comfortable with who you are and relaxed in manner you radiate a certain undeniable presence that puts others at ease. Being at ease yourself and putting others at ease in your presence meets the requirements of a sort of cross cultural system of etiquette.

To clarify relaxed: a person could exude relaxed wearing a tuxedo. We are not talking about sloppy speech, attire, hygiene or posture nor do we refer to being overly friendly or overly familiar. We mean be relaxed in your own skin.

Regarding your sea voyage:

We encourage you to take a little time at least weekly to perform some kind of simple water, Earth and weather honoring ceremony. Tell the water you love it by radiating deep appreciation for all that it is and does for you. Tell the Earth how much you enjoy her by radiating happiness at thoughts about her. Similarly, honor the weather for it is as much an entity as the Earth.

When we say ceremony, you know ceremony, Friends. It needn’t be much but do make a small fuss with candles or smudge or some such to help focus your intentions. You may honor the three all at once or one each week. If you choose one each week start with water.

Blessings on your magnificent adventure.

Received November 19, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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