When Someone Else Does Not Want Me To Follow The Call Of My Heart

Question:     What when someone else does not want me to follow the call of my heart? What when someone preaches that my lesbianism is not OK? How should I respond to that?

Higgins:     Each one of you came forth with pre-birth agreements and to some extent those vary from person to person. (One person may be an artist, another an athlete, yet another a visionary.) Some agreements are the same for all. One such is that each of you came forth to be, or to have the opportunity to be, allowing of others. Meaning that while you want one thing and someone else wants another that you would allow them to pursue what they want knowing they cannot interfere with your pursuit of your own desires

From the Broader Perspective each of you knew that you could not interfere with another’s pursuit of happiness nor could they interfere with yours. From the physical perspective creating life seems much more complicated and it does seem as though others create in your life. (They don’t, it just seems as if they do.)

When another preaches that what is in your heart is wrong you must stand beside them with compassion. They simply do not know what they are talking about. How could another possibly know what is in your heart to be or do? Each of you is an individual guided by your Broader Intelligence that has seen you through thousands of life cycles and it knows you fully. Your Broader Intelligence is definitely leading you towards happiness.

We understand this is a difficult concept so we are going to re-phrase it: you must respond by loving that they don’t want you to be who you are. You must embrace tenderly and lovingly their right to pursue what is in their heart. Even when you think what is in their heart is wrong.

We understand that it may appear that they are misinterpreting their heart but we assure you that all things are done because in some way it will make that person feel better. Doing what makes you feel better is following your heart. So even if this person doesn’t want you to be you, you must allow them to be them and that includes allowing them to not want you to be you.

Twisted, isn’t it?

If a person followed their heart from the day they were born without er they would accept you for you. Life is an advanced game and few of you go through undented, unscathed. These dents and scratches cause you to lose focus. Thus, it is possible for a person to follow their heart (follow their ‘feel-better’) into doing things that may not be completely in alignment with their Eternal Truth but are in alignment with feeling better in the now.

From your perspective it is vitally important to love that your would-be oppressors are moving towards what makes them feel better.

This is an extremely important understanding and we encourage further conversation upon the topic.

Blessings, Friend.

Received November 20, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington,  USA

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