How Is It That Another Cannot Harm You If You Follow Your Happiness?

Question:     I do have another question. In the most recent post (Homosexuality: is it OK and Good? (1 of 2)) Higgins said if you follow your heart’s guidance you will do no harm to others and no harm will come to you. I would like a clarification on this. Because it seems when many, and myself included have followed their heart, they were shunned by some, and those some were either very close family and/or friends for some people. Other times some people have bullied and/or beaten people up for being homosexuals or transgender. Or others were called all sorts of names for following their dreams, and spat on or looked down on. Yet all of them were following their heart. And myself included when following my heart, sure at the start it was great, but then things went horrible and I have never felt such pain and suffering in my entire life. While I agree when following ones heart you will not do any harm to others but I do not see how we dont be harmed when following our hearts though.

Higgins:     Beautiful. Yes.

Each of you continually emits a vibrational frequency. This occurs day and night whether you want it to or not. Sleep vibration is a little different and we will focus on waking hours for the sake of this conversation.

The goal of the human experience is growth. It is expected that you will always move towards that which brings a light and happy feeling to your heart to achieve this growth. Regardless of whether you do or not you will achieve spiritual growth. You will have more fun growing if you follow your heart.

Humans emit quite a wide range of frequencies, although they can only emit one at a time. Let’s say you are following your heart the best way you know how. At the same time, there is quite a bit of external pressure to ignore your heart and conform to the ‘norm’. In fact, there are people ready to cause you physical harm for not conforming to their will and you know that this is so. Perhaps you’ve already had some experience with this or know someone who has.

Now you have two things on your mind: following your heart and the possibility of getting beat up for doing so, either mentally or physically.  This is the tricky spot because you emit positive emotion when you follow your heart but every time someone else shuns you, belittles you or bullies you your emotion changes. Your life experience is drawn to you like a magnet based on this vibrational emission.

You must learn to hold your happy vibration in all situations. When you do you cease to draw negativity.

Each one of you is a master at holding fast to a chosen vibrational emission in the non-physical realm. It’s how you got into the physical realm. However, it is a much different thing to hold true to your preferred vibration while playing Life. That’s why you come…to achieve spiritual growth and to master difficult techniques like this one.

Though it may be difficult to believe you chose life. You chose to be here during the Shift of the Ages, the most difficult time to be human in an approximately 5,000 year span. Because of your magnificent ability to create you purposefully chose a life that would cause others to tremble so that you could practice holding true to you. Further, these others, from their Broader Being, thank you very much for doing so. Because of your willingness to play they also have the opportunity to learn something they very much wanted to master and that is accepting others just as they are and allowing others to express themselves as they wish. Their Broader Being knows that it is impossible for others to create in their life experience but the human doesn’t remember this and feels fearful. That is why people treat you badly for being you, they fear that you will be able to create negativity in their life. You can’t…if they hold true to their happy thoughts. Same for you.

We hope you like this answer because mastery of the application of this concept brings ultimate freedom.

Received November 19, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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