Mixed Signals from Greater Self to Transgenders?

Question:     As we are guided by our emotions to do those things that will lead us to fulfill our intentions, formed and agreed upon before we come to physical, is life more difficult for those whose transgender identity is ‘accidental’ rather than intentional? Would there be mixed signals between self and greater self and spirit guides because the pre-physical agreement did not include being transgender?

Higgins:     Intentional transgenders feel powerfully that they are in a body that doesn’t fit them. Accidental (if you will allow us to call it that) transgenders are likely to be cross-dressers simply because they like the ‘feel’ of the opposite sex’ clothing, mannerisms, etc…

There are infinite gradations of all things so one transgender is not necessarily like the other. What is true for all is that the Broader Self will guide you unerringly. The hard part is for Physical Self to master the meaning of their emotions, which have infinite gradations and are sometimes difficult to interpret.

For example, a person who looks in the mirror and sees a fat person and feels bad likely interprets that bad feeling as being ugly or overweight or other negative connotations. What the bad feeling is more likely telling them is they are not caring for their body as they agreed to. Further, when a person feels negative they tend also to feel powerless. One thing none of you is, is powerless. Your emotions will disagree with you every time your thoughts head towards powerless. So you see there can be a significant difference in the meaning as intended by Broader Self v. the interpretation of Physical Self.

The job of the Spirit Guide is as muse, to offer artistic inspiration towards the achievement of those things you desire. Whether your dream is to promote anarchy or harmony, your Spirit Guides are able to assist you with very clever ideas. The ideas they give you will always move you towards your goals. Spirit Guides do not necessarily guide you towards your Truth as the Broader Self does. Spirit Guides offer help and inspiration towards your chosen goals whether or not your chosen goals are in harmony with the Truth of your Being.

The only misleading that occurs is not true misleading but instead the Physical Self misinterpreting the meaning of their negative and positive emotions.

Received November 27, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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  1. Mayflower says:

    Thank you, Higgins; this is helpful. I am surprised at the information about spirit guides and goals, though. I suppose that with people like me, who have no specific goals, it is harder for the spirit guides to do their job. Also, the interpretation of negative emotions is something I wonder about a lot; I often don’t know what a ‘bad’ feeling is telling me. I feel as if I am navigating with a broken compass.

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