Clarification on Animal Spirits and Death

Question:    I hope you are doing well. I very much appreciate the responses.

So, maybe I’m reading this wrong, but Rosie passed because I was unhappy?  I became very depressed about a month before she died.  I always thought that my subconscious /higher/broader self knew the event was coming and that was the cause of the depression.

I’m so happy she was with me but I feel awful for causing her to leave the physical.  She was a great joy in my life.

Did I read the response incorrectly?

Also, (sorry, yet another question!),  Higgins said the choice was, “clearly a connected heart choice.” Does that mean she felt it was best also?

Response from Cheryl:      You should know that it is easiest for Higgins to respond through me the more I know about you and the circumstances. When they connect directly as they did a few times with you I worry that what comes through me will be somehow worded incorrectly or awkwardly.

My understanding is that Rosie came to you to assist you with your connecting to the Whole. You know how it is to love an animal and to know that animal friend without words? That was Rosie helping you. Your agreement with her was that she would leave at a certain point allowing you the opportunity to continue your growth which will expand beyond the here and now into much broader understanding.

So…the time to leave was exactly when she did. You didn’t cause her to leave physical. That was pre-arranged and pre-timed. (This is not so common but still, part of the agreement you had with her.) She had to have a how to leave. She could have died a zillion ways but the easiest was to reflect your emotions either what you were exhibiting or what was (emotionally) coming into your future…dogs are highly clued in like that.

(By the way, you too will benefit by really looking into this so that as a healer you can also see where a person’s health is headed….important for you!)

Do you remember when President Bush number one and  his wife and dog all came down with thyroid disorder in a short time together? (Actually, I think the dog had some other autoimmune disease but it was all three of them in close order.) That is what Higgins is talking about, the dog reads off their closest humans and displays physical evidence of  what their human is experiencing emotionally before the human displays it.

That’s why they said get happy. Think of a happy reason to exist every moment of every day. That way you radiate your best and therefore attract wonderful things all the time. Note that she still would have left. That was pre-agreed.

Blessings on you as you incorporate this. When you understand it fully you will find beauty and freedom rather than sadness. Keep asking questions until then.

Cheryl Jensen, November 27, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

Regarding Higgins statement that you made a ‘clearly connected heart choice’ they meant clear as in crystal clear. You made a right choice from your heart for you and for her. She knew and appreciated your choice. Also, it made her happy to understand your were able to connect clearly with your heart wisdom.

If I didn’t get this clear please keep asking. I’ll check in with Higgins about it again as many times as are needed. When Higgins says something that stings there is always a brilliant area of growth awaiting.

Bright Blessings,


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