Different Meanings of the Term ‘Soul Group’

Question:      Would they mind explaining the different meanings of soul groups?

Higgins:     We have not used the term ‘soul group’ up to now because there is more than one understanding for its meaning thus its use is unclear. Let us now try to make clarification upon the topic.

When Source (that which many of you refer to as God) began expanding and creating it created seven ‘sons’. Every one of you physicals descends from one of these seven sons in a sort of massive genealogical family tree. Each of these lineages could be called a soul group.

Higgins is a name for a group of beings and the essential, or starting point, of Higgins is one of these seven sons.

Each of you physicals is eternal and each of you has a Broader Self that stays non-physical and guides you on this life experience according to some pre-agreed upon guidelines. You also have friends that in a way are extensions of you and at the same time are completely separate consciousness. These are your Spirit Guides when you are in physical. You act as their Spirit Guide when one of them incarnates.

These could also be called soul groups.

When you make plans to come into physical other souls agree to participate with you. For example, your parents agree to be your parents. Often, you know who your siblings will be, certainly those born first are known to you.

Family units including aunts, uncles, cousins often participate with you because the direction of their learning (spiritual expansion) coincides with yours. The major teachers in your life are almost always souls with whom you have made a pre-birth agreement. Friends, some co-workers, many souls participate with you based on pre-agreements and this also may be called a soul group.

Received November 25, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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