Questions About Energy Alignment Music

Question:     I had a couple questions about the energy alignment music that I am using for group meditations that your perspective may be helpful with.

1. do you think this music would be beneficial for deaf people?  My intuition says yes, as the vibration and energy would be noticeable even if they couldn’t hear the music. But what are your thoughts?

Higgins:     Yes. People notice and respond to energetic stimuli whether they are conscious of it or not. You are sensing beings and it is natural for you to do so.

Question:      2. I’m wondering what is the cumulative effect of listening to this music. In other words, aside from getting vibrationally high or using the music to fall asleep and relax etc…. is there a cumulative effect from being bathed in the energy from this music?    I feel like I am now ultra sensitive to energy and can drop into feelings of bliss, possibly from so much exposure to this energy…

Higgins:     The energetic underlay is a template. The more often you listen to it the more likely you are to easily slip into the energetic pattern it represents.

Question:          3. I am also wondering since the effect of the music energy is temporary bliss and well being….is there also something that would be beneficial to do while meditating to the music…. Would it be beneficial to say, envision ones perfect life or write down affirmations or some other exercise or ritual that would help harness the good energy in a direction toward beneficial outcomes in one’s life?

Higgins:     Listeners new to this energetic frequency template-ing will be better off tuning out other thoughts and tuning into the frequency. This allows them to steep in the energy much like allowing tea to steep or coffee to percolate. It develops the ‘flavor’.

Once a person becomes familiar with the templates then we encourage such experimentation. Be advised that when you think about your perfect life or an affirmation those thoughts themselves should provide you with a feeling of upliftment equal to the feeling you develop listening to the recorded energy. If they do not it is better to clarify your desires until the thoughts of your desires provide the same uplifted feeling. Otherwise it may not work or you may end up mis-creating. Still, we encourage experimentation because growth occurs when consciousness expands.

Received March 25, 2015

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    Good eye opener, hope you live long!

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