Lost Will to Live

Question:   I have a question for Higgins.  A friend I work for (organizing) told me yesterday she has lost the will to live.  She is on oxygen 24-7 and  is having a very hard time.  I am at a loss as to what to say to help her – if there IS anything- as I’m not sure going through life barely being able to breathe is something I’d want to continue.  When someone is having this kind of huge problem, how is it possible to “make it better”???? to make breathing easier when one has COPD and asthma?  How can such a person have a zest for life when just getting gas for her car or going to the grocery store (with help) exhausts her?  with love, Shannon

Higgins:      You cannot provide another person with the will to live. It is not up to you to make her problems better. Your role in this world is to be the best you, you can be. By doing so you then naturally offer those around you the right thing at the right time.

We know you well, Friend, and we know two things will help you in particular. One, keep your energy flowing head to toe and maintain auric energy by re-choosing every day to carry your energy in harmony with your goals for existence. Two, develop and maintain throughout the remainder of your physical existence a simple stretching and exercise routine. This routine should consist of gentle breathing and stretching, combined with gentle muscle toning. Thirty minutes every morning is enough.

These two practices will help your energy flow more smoothly. Thus you will be better able to maintain energetic stability while those around you experience their life, whatever bumps they may encounter. Your job, then, is to simply be a friend. Each person is born with the same divine inspiration that you are. No one needs you to live their life for them, they need you to walk beside them as a friend. That is all. And that is everything.

We adore you, Friend. Know that all is well.

Received March 19, 2015

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