Progress Towards Personal Destination

Question:     I am approaching a crossroad in life.   I have a vision of another life style and starting my own business.   There are two realities I must work around. One is financial.   The other is family related.   I am working on moving energy from above my head down to the ground.   I am also visualizing the future, down to each detail of what my new life will be like, what my business will be like and how it will feel to me.   When I visualize/create this I do so as though it is already a given that it will happen. I still have a very long way to go and making this switch is large step with significant financial and security risks.   What can you share with me about this future venture my progress and my destination?

Higgins:     This vision you have of another life style and starting your own business is a dream shared with you by your eternal self and your Spirit Guides. We are thrilled that you have followed your divine inspiration in pursuing it.

We know there are people who share their vision of another’s progress. It is not our goal in communicating through this physical body to share quite that way. It is our goal to share with you how to determine answers for yourself. You are ALWAYS guided by divine inspiration and you are ALWAYS manifesting your own answers. Therefore, what we want to share with you is not about our vision of  your progress but instead your vision of your progress

Your future venture:

When you are divinely inspired to create something and you follow through on impulse and inspiration with diligence, love and gratitude there is no possibility for failure.


Progress is easy to determine when you know how to read the signs. Before full manifestation of a dream there will be signs that it is approaching. Look for evidence of manifestation the way a detective looks for clues. These clues often come in disguise so look carefully at those things that may seem to be obstacles. Obstacles are not obstacles, they are instructions regarding how far along you are in the creation process.

Practice appreciation for the smallest appearances of your dream’s approach.


You tell us your destination, then we can tell you where you will end up. If you put consistent positive thought, word and action towards your goal and give it enough time you will, in all cases, achieve your dream.

We know that making life changes such as this seems scary and it is fear that slows progress.  If you can take giant steps, do so. If you can’t, take baby steps. Baby steps build confidence. Envision the Universe as a giant gear that you must shift in order to align with the new life you desire. It is impossible to turn it directly so you must leverage it by turning a crank that sets in motion smaller gears that eventually turn the big Universal gear. When you have successfully shifted your picture of you the Universe will respond. You will know when you have succeeded in aligning with your dream because it will manifest and it can and does do so very quickly when the emotional ground work is complete.

Regarding the significant financial and security risks…..In previous lives you have prepared yourself for this though it still appears to be a perilous edge. If you can, as the Fool card in the Tarot does, step off the edge into the unknown without care or worry you will succeed faster. If you cannot step blindly off into this great adventure with confidence then find another way off the cliff. Baby steps…

Blessings, Friend. Make April 1rst your day.

Received April 1, 2015

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