Worried About Leaving My Cat

Question:  I am going on a trip for 10 days soon and am concerned about leaving my beloved cat.  He is sometimes needy for my attention, and I’m worried he’ll think I am abandoning him.  Is there any way I can communicate with him that I am returning? My roommate will be taking care of him in my absence.

Higgins: Cats are very attuned to the energetic environment in which they live. This means that your cat already knows something is afoot. If you worry the cat will pick up on that and worry, too. In this situation a very good option is to spend some time every day between now and your departure with your cat. Stroke your kitty in favorite places and all the while tell your kitty that you are leaving and will be back in 10 days. Explain the arrangements you have made with your roommate. Remind yourself and the cat to allow each your own energy to flow harmoniously through your respective selves. (Just reading the sentence accomplishes energetic harmony.) This prevents each of you from energetically drawing upon the other unhealthily.

Leave with confidence. Enjoy yourself while you are gone. The cat will make adjustments and likely grow spiritually because of the short separation.

Your return behavior is important. You must again cuddle your kitty every day, several times a day is better, until the two of you regain your balance.

Received July 8, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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