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Note: this question refers back to Higgins’ post from March 29, 2018 entitled ‘Animal Cruelty’.

Question:  What about cases where animals are used for food? Often they are raised in terrible conditions and suffer greatly when they die.

Higgins:  This is about people’s inability to remember their true being. If each could remember their own inherent enough-ness they wouldn’t treat or kill animals inhumanely. But people would still eat meat. In a system of society wherein individuals have become conscious of their interconnection with all things they would simply ask for an animal to offer itself for their needs and an animal would. The animal would be killed in as humane a way as possible and thanked for its selfless offering.

Meat would also be consumed in moderation. 

As human kind becomes more awakened genes will turn on such that you will need less meat. Until then, we encourage you to be gracious and thankful to the animals who do give their lives for your nourishment. A small amount of meat is needed and we encourage you to eat small portions for improved well-being, both physical and spiritual. A plant-based diet is the most effective for assisting human re-awakening.

Received April 17, 2018

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4 Responses to animal cruelty…

  1. KDKH says:

    Thank you. I so very much want to eat vegan, but since I can’t eat soy, I’m having difficulty meeting my protein needs without meat. This article helps. Thank you.

    • You might check into where to buy Kosher meat. The animals have to be treated in a manner that might be more consistent with your beliefs. Another option is to buy farm direct. Look for a grower who practices good animal husbandry.

      By the way, I’ve read that even His Holiness, the Dalai Lama eats a little meat. (At the request of his medical doctors.)

      • KDKH says:

        I just attended an 8-hour legal seminar on animal law, and the way kosher slaughterhouses kill the animals is not very compassionate; they do not stun before they slit their throats. Argh! I learned more than I wanted to. Know this just makes things more difficult. But I can give thanks no matter the slaughter method, and I can be genuine in my respect….

      • I heard that once but didn’t want to believe it. Thanks for the update.

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