If We Shouldn’t March…

Question:  I liked marching in that protest. I felt good about myself. So even though I don’t know what to do to solve the problems our nation faces, while I marched I felt that I was doing something to voice my opinion and that at least was something. I stood to be counted.

Higgins:  This really is the heart of it, isn’t it? We have said many, many times move toward what brings relief. Move toward what brings a feeling of power. That is what you did that day and we applaud that.

A predominant emotion in many of the marches that day was anger. We remind ourselves that anger is very important in stimulating a person to action when one is sliding down the emotional scale towards victim hood. We remind you that you are not victims so slide through anger quickly by looking for a solution and working towards that.

In this particular situation, the issue is gun control. People are using guns to kill people. Some feel that tighter gun control will help. It won’t. What will help is finding a solution to the why. Why did that person need to do this?

When you look deeply enough you will find that fear and desperation have led them to this. While many acts are committed in anger, anger is an expression that helps a person move away from fear and desperation. It is a taking back your power emotion.

What can you do about someone else’s fear and desperation? Be kind. Be inclusive. Find your compassion. Most importantly find your happiness. Help everyone you meet find theirs. Obviously, you won’t touch the life of every person directly. But ALL of you together will.

Received April 13, 2018

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