If We Shouldn’t March, a Continuation

Question:  I saw Higgins say something about a great force and about the march for our lives event. I was wondering since Higgins said it was intended for good but instead could have negative effects, what would be the better way to handle things? Since gun violence has been a big issue in the USA, and people standing up to fight against it, what would be a better course of action to make real change? Because so far with how the government has handled things, it doesn’t look like it would change any time soon on its stance on guns, unless something radical took place like the march for our lives protesting guns. Not trying to be too political here, but just wondering what is the better action to make real change in this case.

Higgins:  Continuing…

We encourage you to look around. What do you see? Do you like what you see? If so, we suggest you get more involved  in whatever you see that you like. However, if you look around and see things you don’t like, we suggest you get involved in producing a solution to the thing you don’t like.

This conversation in particular is about students who are trying to do just that. These students are working to stop gun violence by changing laws. Great start. The problem is, you just can’t say no and get a satisfying response from the Universe. Your solution must start with yes. Yes, we want a safe school environment. Yes, we want to be a generation of healthy, happy, inclusive individuals who contribute positively to the world around us by doing what we love most.

Many of you will dismiss this saying, “We are trying that and it’s not working. We have violence anyway.” And so you continue your attempts to squash that which you do not want. And your attempts get bigger and finally the biggest bully wins?

No. The biggest bully doesn’t win. The most loving heart wins. The most compassion wins. Happiness wins. Will you learn what a loving heart looks like? Will you figure out how compassion wins? Will you make happiness more important than economics?

How to make being a loving person look cool? How is it that compassion wins? What does happiness look like, anyway? These are things that need to be addressed.

And fear? Forget about it. Every morning when you wake up and every evening before you sleep state your intentions: I choose safety. I choose security. I choose to feel good about myself and have fun doing things I like. I choose to feel good in my body and to feel happy. I choose prosperity and fulfilment. I choose to be surrounded by people who help me feel good and safe.

Stating these things sets up a vibration in you which the Universe matches. Remember? It’s called the Law of Attraction and like attracts like.

Received March 30, 2018

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