Stop Blaming Others

Offering from Higgins:

No one has done anything to you. You have drawn all things unto yourself. Cease placing the blame for your perceived failures anywhere but squarely on your own shoulders. When you are willing to take responsibility for yourself you achieve true freedom for you are uniquely responsible for living your own life and all failure and all success are your own.

Begin to think of ‘failure’ as guidance informing you of one more thing you don’t want or one more way not to do a thing.  Failure is not a bad thing. Failure is information. Failure is data. You are data collectors, sifting through information in a search to find that which suits you and feels right to you.

We assure you that every one of you is guided tirelessly and unfailingly towards the life of  your dreams. All you need to do is sift through the data moving ever towards what feels right in your heart of compassion and you will find it.

Received February 19, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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