The Kindness Paradigm (16)

Pursuing the Heart’s Desires

Everyone wants to feel free to pursue their heart’s desire. When one’s heart yearns towards a thing that yearning is a signal that this thing, whatever It is, is somehow important. Pursuit of the heart’s desires leads to discoveries of self. It leads to the discovery of what is important in one’s life and it leads to the discovery of one’s passions.

Finding one’s passion is important because exploring It, whatever It is, produces feelings of keen interest, satisfaction and well-being.

Many do not feel free to pursue their heart’s desires. Too little time, money and energy are a few reasons people avoid pursuing their desires. Some believe that pursuing interests is a thing children have the luxury of doing but adults with responsibilities no longer can do. Some wait for retirement to pursue their heart’s desires. For some, their hearts are deadened by disappointment and they no longer feel the call of the heart.

What we as a whole do not seem to understand is those things that interest us are a road map to happiness. We are interested in what we are interested in for a reason. Interests vary widely just as people do and following up on things that interest us leads us inevitably through a continually unfolding life of fulfillment.

A society that lives a Kindness Paradigm must support the individual in pursuit of their interests. Society as a whole must expect the individual to pursue their passion knowing that the individual with the desire is also the individual capable of magnificent prowess in their special area of interest and that benefits everyone.

It must be stated that following one’s heart may be done in very small steps. It need not take much time in a day or any money to begin. All one need do is acknowledge the tugs in their heart and the inspiration of the mind. Look for even small ways in which to act upon this important information for as Lao-tzu said, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Cheryl Jensen December 23, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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