The Kindness Paradigm (14)

Finding Our Spiritual Gifts

Higgins said in a recent post, “The single most important aspect of human happiness is the discovery of and subsequent expression of a person’s spiritual gifts. Thus the focus of the system and indeed, the climate of world culture, must be to support the discovery and development of each child’s gifts, even if the child is 109.”

As a planet, as a world society, we are consumed by a ubiquitous desire for change, something that leads us away from the current trend of domination into a new paradigm where the standard is participation.  Change starts as desire and manifests when that desire becomes a clear vision. Our common vision within the Kindness Paradigm focuses on the development of personal gifts supported by the virtues of kindness and compassion.

A personal gift or spiritual gift is something each of us is born with. It is a talent, a thing we have a love for or some persistent interest. It is our passion. We may or may not have obvious talent for our gift at first. What we have is interest. This is a thing that causes us to perk up when we think about it or to feel down when we think about the opposite of it.

Finding one’s spiritual gift is about finding one’s passion. It is about finding one’s happiness because happy people thrive.

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We discover our gifts by following our interests through to their natural conclusion. Some of us have gifts that are obvious early on. A four year old violin virtuoso is one of these. Most, however, are not so obvious nor so obviously marketable. As is true from time to time, we don’t know what we want until we see it so these not so obviously marketable skills will find a welcome reception once humanity sees them.

By helping one another discover their gift, their passion, their joy we are creating happiness. In so doing, we create a world where everyone, regardless of age, IQ or physical ability is an active participant. Expansion is part of the continual evolution of humans and it is expected that each of us will find that our talent forever expands into something new. This unfolding is desirable, creating the opportunity to continually evolve and expand into happiness.

Cheryl Jensen, December 15, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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