Higgins on Abortion

Question:     Dear Higgins – Christmas greetings!!!

This has been a strange Christmas preparation time.  In the midst of pondering the birth of Jesus I have been involved with discussions around abortion.   There are those who are having to make difficult life decisions regarding following through on pregnancy.   Options of abortion, adoption, raising a child are present.   From your realm what does abortion look like, and mean?      Here on earth abortion is tangled up in moral, emotional, physical, and spiritual concerns.   It is a choice that has many consequences, affecting both the mom, the dad, and wider family.   Please give some coaching on how to think about abortion in the widest sense of freedom and responsibility.

Is it a mute point to suggest that if Mary had decided to abort Jesus the world would have missed a great teacher/human being?   Is this even a relevant point?

Thanks for taking this question on, Higgins.  I am glad for you to reframe the questions  so you can respond to them more accurately.

Higgins:     From our perspective the game of life has no wrong moves. There are plays made that feel better inside and there are plays made that feel worse, but none are wrong and that includes the choice to terminate a pregnancy.

To review one’s life and, with perfect hindsight, allow that if only this had been done then I would not be in this situation now is not a helpful one. One must only make forward plays in the game of life. So, if right now a woman chooses to terminate a pregnancy because to carry the pregnancy through to fruition carries with it an unbearable heart burden then from our perspective she is making a good choice.

Fear is a huge motivator, bigger even than anger. By returning to center and allowing the eternal power that she is to flow fully she can move away from fear. If she is able to regain her place of center she may well find other options to be equally viable.

To return to center remind her to direct her flow of energy from head to toe. Allow the full flow of energy to ground in the Earth.

As regards the fetus:

Each of you is eternal. The soul that is perceived as ‘I’ does not usually jump into the body until the moment of birth, although there are quite a few eager souls who jump in early.

Each of you comes forth with plans for spiritual expansion. Who is to say that a soul awaiting a body is not desirous of learning to wait? And what better sort of assistance than for the potential mother to terminate the pregnancy?

We remind you that in the pre-birth time plans are often made far in advance. Additionally, while you are in physical there is a portion of sleep time dedicated to planning each next portion of life. A potential mother considering abortion would, in her dream time, be communicating with the potential child. The child would know what was happening as it played out and would be agreeable to the situation.

Jesus was committed to a life on Earth. Jesus’ pre-birth agreement was to come forth and share what it is to be human as fully as possible. He chose parents who could and would assist him with living into the fullest expression of this goal.

Friend, have you considered that Jesus, in a life experience prior to being Jesus, was aborted? Of course he was. Most of you have been aborted either intentionally or by spontaneous abortion at least once.

All of that notwithstanding any woman, any person, can instantly regain their emotional footing by drawing their energy back to center. What a marvelous expansion for this woman if she can do this and carry the pregnancy to term. Her life would be, by necessity, a series of centering to pull herself away from fear and into her center. Beautiful, yes?

What a blessed problem to have. One to be cherished.

Much love is held for you and for her here, in the non-physical realm. Regardless of her choice the most important thing for her is to go forth centering and re-centering. You do see the beauty of this expansion situation? Whether she aborts the fetus or keeps the fetus she will be ‘forced’ to center and re-center to maintain her happiness throughout life. Magnificent game, life. And masterful pre-planning on the potential mother’s part for her to achieve her desired soul expansion during this life on Earth.

Received December 22, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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