Be Open to Possibility

Offering from Higgins:

Allow for the possibility that happiness exists and that you can access it.

Allow for the possibility that life is fun and easy and that you can achieve a life that is fun and easy with ease.

Allow for the possibility that the universe is your friend and all things conspire towards your greatest good.

Received April 1, 2011 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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1 Response to Be Open to Possibility

  1. I’m open to it!

    I have a question though about taxes.

    I am self employed and usually don’t pay any taxes until they are due. However every tax season I go through some turmoil about how much money I owe and the fact that I vehemently disagree with the tax “laws”, the fact that our money is spent on wars and bailing out corrupt corporations who don’t even pay ANY taxes. My method has been to be somewhat clever in writing off things until I owe an amount that is acceptable to me rather than what would be considered to be honest.
    Should I really have a problem with any feelings of guilt about this considering how dishonest the people are that this money is going to and the fact that the income tax isn’t even legally meant for private citizens but was written for corporations?.

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