To President Obama

Offering from Higgins:

We understand that you have come forth into this particular physical lifetime specifically intending to be the President of the United States of America and that you are divinely inspired. (While this is true for you it is no more and no less true for your predecessor.) You have inherited this difficult world situation that was put into play over thousands of years and there is no way for you to unravel the problems of the planet back to the source.

This is how we see your problem:  you have inherited world strife in which no decision is a good one. No amount of waring will fix what is wrong on Earth.  What we suggest to you is to make whatever decision seems best in the moment and move on.  Concurrently, rally the people of the United States and indeed all around the globe to assist you in attaining harmony in the world by meditating upon peace, prosperity, vibrant good health, fulfilling relationships, and days that are satisfying and rewarding.

Encourage each person, young and old, to spend 15 minutes each day in contemplative silence or in quiet meditation.  Let their intent be to tap into each their own divine inspiration thus moving all mankind toward lives of harmony, prosperity, vibrant good health and satisfaction.

The media already shifts the mass consciousness (what the masses think about a thing) on a daily basis. Why not simply shift the mass consciousness towards harmony, prosperity, vibrant good health and satisfaction?  It costs nothing and will lead to a gentler yet invigorating Earth experience for all.

What you will find as more begin to meditate on peaceful things is that your need for a military will decrease, the world economic climate will stabilize, the health of the planet itself along with the happiness and general welfare of the people will improve.

The United States is already a world leader in many ways.  Why not also lead in promoting true harmony, true peace?

Received April 26, 2011 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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