The Manner in Which You Cope with Problems that Arise Today Directs Your Future

Offering from Higgins:

Occasionally, things that you don’t want will happen.  How you greet them, the manner in which you cope with them directs your future.  Whatever has happened- the car breaks down, an illness arrives, an argument erupts- deal with it swiftly in the best way you currently know how.  Whatever the situation is clean it up thoroughly. Get the ugly situation behind you as quickly as possible.

(Quickly is relative and depending on the situation it may take mere minutes or many months to thoroughly clean up the problem.)

As you cope in the best way you currently and immediately can manage allow your emotions to register with you, whatever they may be.  Intend to stay within your center point of balanced connection with Broader Self as you respond to these emotions. Acknowledging current emotions is paramount in moving on to better emotional ranges thereby inviting fewer and fewer ugly events into your life experience.

Received April 28, 2011 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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