Higgins, I’m not exactly bored yet not exactly content either.  I feel as though I’d like a little more excitement or perhaps to feel more alive.  Will you speak to this?


This ‘tween place is a very good place to be.  It is a determining place, a creating place. From this uncertain place you may choose to remain ‘not exactly bored yet not exactly content either’ or you may choose to create a life of your greatest imaginings.

Should you choose to create of life of your greatest imaginings then a little work on your part is in order.  The work you will need to do is clarifying work.  When you have a nudge to do something, what is that thing?  Let’s say you have stirrings that suggest you might like to go for a hike.  Where do you think you might like to hike? Pinpoint a place that is achievable on all levels–location, difficulty, amount of time involved and safety.

Next, begin to look around for opportunity.  Do you have friends who hike or a dog that might like to go with you? What day can you go?

As you to think these questions though you are doing that which is your work (from the universe’s perspective).  Opportunity will then open to make the hike a reality.  As these small adventures become your life rather than a highlight in a ho-hum existence you will begin to feel vibrant and alive.

That’s all there is to it.

Received July 3, 2011 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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