Weak or Unclear Impulses


When impulses are small and short lived, how does one follow up on them? What I mean to say is, I get impulses but they don’t last very long so I tend not to do them.  I feel stuck.


A reminder: unless one is vibrationally/emotionally equivalent to the manifestation of their desires the manifestation of those desires cannot occur.  That means that even if you do have impulses that will lead you towards achievement of the heart’s desire you simply will not be able to follow up on them.

Following impulses is a little like weight lifting. When beginning a weight training regimen one lifts very little weight but over time increases repeatedly by small amounts.  Small amounts add up to large amounts in time.

Try following your smallest impulses to conclusion. The more small impulses are completed the more confidence and enthusiasm one develops.

If you are so stuck that you simply cannot get up from your couch to follow up on even the smallest impulse then you are simply so far away, vibrationally and therefore emotionally, from the way you will feel once the action is complete that you cannot achieve that emotion.

If this is the case then reflect upon your inner emotion. Is your clear intent to represent your true self upon the Earth? Have you asked your Spirit Guides to assist you in developing continual clear communication with them and with your Broader Self? Do you feel that these things are desirable? If so, simply keep trying until you see some positive change. If not, then we would have you re-examine what you do want from this lifetime and from that point of clarity begin again to follow impulses, one at a time, as discussed above.

Received July 5, 2011 at Everett, Washington

(Note: this is one of three.)

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