There is Some Do Involved in Creating

Offering from Higgins:

We’ve noticed something about a few of you.  This is a generalization and if it doesn’t fit you then it isn’t meant for you.  Skip it.

As you practice putting our wisdom into action we’ve noticed that you have isolated a big dream.  What we mean by that is you’ve identified a goal, a large goal, something you really want. Then you sit back and wait for that thing to appear all in one fell swoop.  It probably won’t.

Your dream is yours if you will hold to it but you must make forward movement.  You must take whatever small steps present and you must do so consistently over time.

Consistent small steps over time will produce the desired outcome but the desired outcome will not arrive if you sit on the couch watching TV waiting for it to arrive.

There is some do involved in creating in this physical place.

Received July 18, 2011 at Everett, Washington

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