Dealing with Fatigue

Question:  How do I deal with fatigue?  I’m tired after the work day is through and don’t have much energy left for pursing my dreams.

Higgins:  Physical’s get tired when they exert themselves mentally or physically or both. Sleep time is required and adequate for recovery of body and mind in this type of fatigue.

There is another kind of tired, the tired that comes when one’s energy flow is interrupted. That is the kind of fatigue you are experiencing.

Think about doing something you enjoy doing. If your body or mind did not tire, you could go on a long time doing them. That is because your energy flows harmoniously when you do things you enjoy.

Think now about doing something you do not enjoy. When you feel lack luster and less than enthusiastic about the activity you are engaged in your energy does not flow as well, like water through a kinked hose. This sort of fatigue is not so readily recovered from, sleep and rest are not enough to completely recover from this kind of fatigue. Further, when this sort of fatigue is endured long enough it results in physical manifestation that you call disease.

To correct your energy flow the best thing is to immediately cease what you are doing the moment you notice discord of any kind. Consciously redirect your energy by instructing your energy to stay with you and flow harmoniously through you. Then intend to create harmony, whatever the situation is.

Once your energy is stabilized (this may take seconds to minutes) re-enter the arena of your life and go forth always maintaining the best possible outlook and mental attitude. (And yes, we know that some of you will need to stop hundreds of times a day–just do your best.) Solve each problem that arises within your day the best way you can think of at the time.

Over time, this approach will have the long-term effect of creating more harmony in your life. Harmony includes more enjoyable activities and fewer disagreeable activities. Thus your energy will flow more robustly and with greater ease. You will notice having more time to pursue the things you enjoy and more often feeling fatigued in a good way. The sort of fatigued that rest and sleep will cure.

Received July 30, 2011 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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