It’s not Moral Decay

Offering from Higgins:

Rioting and chaos are not a sign of moral decay. Rioting and chaos are signs of personal internal disharmony.

Let’s use the current riots in England as example:

Young people are engaged in theft and violence. These are angry actions. In the emotional range, anger has power. Anyone, young or old, who exhibits anger is simply attempting to claw their way back up the emotional scale towards emotions that feel good. A person would do that, scramble towards emotions that feel good, because consciously or unconsciously they know that they are losing their power.

Once a person descends to exhibiting emotions below anger, such as depression, guilt or hopelessness, they become powerless. And powerless feels terrible and leads to other problems including but not limited to, suicide. Long held powerlessness leads to significant physical disharmony such as chronic pain, cancer, and auto immune diseases.

Knowing that, wouldn’t you rather the youth riot?

Now, how to fix it:

Everyone, every single person that is born into this physical realm, comes forth with what we will call a spiritual gift. All any of you do is seek to express that. Emotions are then offered by your personal guidance, we call that your Broader Self, that tell you how close or far you are from expressing your gift. When you feel good you are in some way expressing your gift and when you feel bad, any emotion that feels negative, you are in some way not expressing your gift.

No matter how much or little of anything that you feel you have, you can access this gift that you are right where you are. As you begin to access this gift you will feel slightly uplifted and as you continue to seek expression of this truest aspect of yourself you will feel better and circumstances will improve.

This change may occur quickly or slowly depending on the strength of your emotion and intention. Either way, in time things will get better. And then better. And then better still.

The most important thing you can do to help the world’s unrest is to find this place, this gift, for yourself. As you share this truth of yourself you will fill an emptiness inside yourself and also provide something the world needs. Guaranteed.

Received August 13, 2011 at Everett, Washington

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