Help Your Child Succeed

Offering from Higgins:

Each of you is born with access to wisdom that will guide you towards expression of self. Each ‘self’ that is born, each being, has some desire within that wants to be expressed. The doing of that thing will bring joy. Importantly, the doing of that thing whatever it is, will provide each individual with that which is needed for survival.

By choosing the word survival we mean to say that in pursuing the expression of that thing that is yours to be and do on this Earth the needs of living will arrive. Whether food, housing or clothing are needed, these things will arrive in a timely manner as you pursue that thing that you love.

Each of you is born with an inherent desire to find this thing and express it. If you want your child to succeed help them find their thing.

Received August 18, 2011 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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