Strenuous Work Differs from Hard Work

Offering from Higgins:

We are attempting to convey a concept:

Whatever It is that you want It is yours. All that is required of you is emotional/vibrational alignment with It. There is very little Do involved.

Most of you have become very action oriented. You believe that hard work is the way to achieve the things you desire (It). That is simply not so and while some work may be involved it will be offered to you in bite size pieces that are easy to handle.

We hear your arguments already–what if my dream is to be an Olympic athlete or a medical doctor? We stand fast. Your most complex dream is simply a matter of small steps away and the closer your emotional alignment with your dream the easier the steps.

We are not saying that the work itself will not sometimes be strenuous. Strenuous differs from hard. Strenuous flows while hard is a state of mind that blocks flow.

We want you to understand that you are a magnet continually drawing life experience unto you. You apply the idea of ‘chasing your dream’ instead of the proper understanding –desirable things come to you when you allow them in.

This does not mean that sitting in a chair and never moving will suffice to get you what you want. It means that wherever you go and whatever you do in pursuit of your desires, there you are. Are you relaxed? Are you enjoying your current activity? Do you feel how it is only a matter of time before It arrives?

Received August 21, 2011 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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