How Do I Align With the Things I Want?

Question: How do I line up with the things I want? I mean vibrationally.

Higgins: We are happy with this question. It implies an understanding of the vibrational universe in which you are a part. If we could draw on this typed page we would share a picture of your vibrational wavelength. Then next to it we would draw a picture of the vibrational wavelength of the things you want. They would be the same picture.

We would then draw a third picture, the picture of your wavelength and the wavelength of the things you want as they meet and move as one. You would see that while the wavelength remains the same the amplitude of the wave increases. Another way of saying that is that the literal length of the wave remains the same but the height of the wave is larger, or amplified.

That third drawing is a picture of your vibrational emission when you align with something you want. The same thing happens when you align with things you don’t want although the length of the wave would differ.

In order to align with that which you desire you must move your own vibration close to that of the thing you want and how you do that is up to you. There are many options.

Meditation is one very good way of bringing up your vibration. Of course, we understand you cannot meditate 24 hours a day. So in addition to meditation, we encourage you to look for the positive in every situation. That will cause you to vibrate at the highest possible level for the moment in every moment and that in itself will shift that which you draw unto yourself. Next, begin to envision what life will look like when you have gained your goal. Look at magazines, travel, visit with people and gain their perspective. There are many ways to develop desire and we encourage you to want things.

When you have an idea of how or what you would like to be, do or have in the world start acting as though you have it. Act as though you are the thing you want.

The strength of your desire and of your belief are what bring the object of your desire into your life quickly, not the size of the action, so even small actions will have a big impact if they are undertaken with desire and conviction.

The last aspect of creation is living your current life as happily as possible until these things arrive. And they will arrive given time and continuous belief in their imminent arrival.

Received September 6, 2011 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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