Sometimes Life Needs a Reset Period

Offering from Higgins:

When your lives are not going the way you wish them to go it often requires a reset period where life slows down and may almost seem to stall much like a car whose engine stops running. When life restarts you will notice that it swings in the other direction.

Received September 9, 2011 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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1 Response to Sometimes Life Needs a Reset Period

  1. Love all the posts Cheryl and Higgins always great nuggets of advice. I have a question…
    There is a lot of information and hype over certain celestial bodies like a Comet Elenin being around and in line with planets during significant dates like 911 and October 28th. Some say that it could be a time capsule of sorts that was sent out 26000 years ago. Anyway, are there celestial bodies coming around that could be of significance to us here on Earth in the near future?

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