Can Something Like Elenin Bring Information Without Doing Harm to the Earth?

Question:     But can something like Elenin bring information without doing harm to the earth? It seems odd that it would have to do harm to help. Or am I misunderstanding something?

Higgins:     If Elenin were to hit Earth it would do damage. Elenin is not a time capsule per se but carries with it certain information. If it were to strike the planet (and Friend, we are using the English language to describe something broader than language can describe) it would break open thus offering you physicals that which you need. If Elenin does not strike the planet then you physicals have already attained the wisdom contained within it.

Now then, lots of times a thing enters Earth’s atmosphere and lands or crashes bringing with it knowledge you physicals aspire to. Those things are small enough to do no damage. This has happened many times throughout the course of Earth’s history.

Large objects, large celestial bodies that do not enter Earth’s atmosphere affect you all differently (than the small objects do). This includes Elenin. Rather than bringing direct knowledge they pull and push upon you through the invisible matrix thus effecting your emotions, stimulating thought and driving you to action. That is their gift.

We understand how seductive it is to think that which you need will be brought by some outside source and dropped at your feet. What we would like you to understand is that which you need is already at your feet.

(To our Friend who asked this question–the part you have not factored in is vibration. Currently, the vibration offered among you physicals could not draw Elenin’s information gently which is why we say we are describing something with words that cannot be described with words. As a species, you do not need the information that Elenin would provide if it crashed into you, you need what she offers as she pulls upon you via the matrix. Perhaps that is the answer you seek. These bodies do not bring metaphorical books to read, rather they pull you towards understanding of one’s self.)

Received October 1, 2011 at Everett, Washington

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