The Shift of 2012 Will Stimulate Spiritual Evolution

Offering from Higgins:

There is some confusion on the part of you physicals as to what is happening in the Shift of 2012. We wish to clarify this for you.

The point of the Shift, in essence, is to stimulate your spiritual evolution.

All things are sentient and that includes Earth. Earth is on a parallel evolutionary path with you. Earth is currently passing along the furthest point it ever reaches from the nucleus of your being, the center of that which you call God. This causes you to feel especially disconnected. At the same time, the planet’s vibration is increasing. For those of you not in vibrational alignment with the planet there is much discord.

When you are far from your stabilizing nucleus you feel disconnect and therefore also feel a desire to return home to something more right, though you do not know what that would be. When there is vibrational mismatch to what you are you also feel discord and desire harmony, though you may not know how to achieve the harmony you desire.

Each of you who is in a physical body right now knew that you were coming forth for this magnificent shift. The Earth has shifted many times before and will shift again in another many years. You, however, are the first physicals who appear to be on track to making it through the shift en masse. All previous shifts were less successful from the standpoint of numbers of physicals surviving. (Think of the Ice Age and Noah’s Flood.)

The Shift of 2012 is actually well underway and will continue for many more years to completion. We understand that this is an uncomfortable time for you. A very simple technique for smoothing the transition is to choose a gentle statement of truth for yourself and repeat it daily. Allow the statement to continually evolve.

“I choose to experience the brightest truth of who I am,” is a very good statement of truth to begin with. Start here and let it evolve naturally.

Relax. All is well. All is truly well.

Received October 2, 2011 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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