You Are Master Creators

Offering from Higgins:

All things are metaphorical.

You physicals are driven to create for that is what you are: master creators. Because your existence is based in a time/space scenario the arrival of your desires sometimes takes a bit of time and in that waiting time many of you get discouraged and frustrated.

We would have you reconsider your attitude towards the arrival of things you want. The path to the arrival of your desires is what life is about and that is where the fun is.

We encourage you to look for the adventure right now, right where you are. As you begin to correlate your desires and actions with the ever unfolding events of your day-to-day life you will experience what we are talking about and when you get what we mean and the understanding of our words is incorporated into your very cells, then you will know the beauty of this life experience.

Received October 9, 2011 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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1 Response to You Are Master Creators

  1. Thanks. I find myself wanting to ask for and look for clues that something toward my desires manifesting is actually working to avoid frustration or discouragement. Is this a good thing or is it better to just have blind faith? Sometimes it feels like nothing works and never will, but that is an emotion to just go through. It can be difficult when money is going out faster than it is coming in, but in the meantime there is time to either just enjoy life or look for a job out of fear. What would you recommend?

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