Someone Came Home with Me in Spirit

Question: I’m out at a gathering and it feels like a man who was there came home with me in spirit.  It’s happened many times before to me.  Can you explain this?

Higgins: Each of you radiates an energy body larger than your actual body. This energy body, like your physical body, metaphorically reflects your thoughts, emotions and beliefs. In the same way that the physical body develops negative conditions the energy body can also reflect negativity.

In this instance, your energetic body is unsteady, unstable. Because it is uncertain there is an opening or a way in for energetic attachment. That’s what is happening. unconsciously, these men are attaching themselves to you. They draw energy off you, or feed off your energy, because they are unaware of how to properly draw their own energy.

You can stabilize your own energy by reminding yourself to allow your energy to flow harmoniously for this particular moment in time. If it feels as though energy is actually leaving you, you may also say, “My energy stay with me and let my energy flow harmoniously through me.”

Received November 4, 2011 at Lake Goodwin, Washington


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