Can We Experience Ourselves in Other Dimensions?

Question:  Is there a way for us to consciously experience ourselves in other dimensions?

Higgins: Yes.

1) Set your intention for consciously experiencing yourself in another dimension.

2) Set your intention for fun, harmony, safety and spiritual expansion into your ever broadening understanding of Self. Choose whatever words are right for you. Keep in mind the words you choose should exemplify your desires for this adventure.

3) Learn to quiet your mind in regular meditation.

4) Become aware of your entire self. Be aware of what happens when you eat each different food, gain exercise through varying activities, think or speak. What happens to your heart? What happens to your musculature? What happens with each word and thought? How do you feel emotionally?

5) You will become differently aware. You will notice slips here and there where another dimension shows itself.

6) Your guides will joyfully assist this expansion in a way most harmonious with your broader purpose for life should you simply ask for it and allow it to be so.

7) Allow this to evolve over time, lots of time for some of you and less time for others as you each are unique with differing purposes and therefore differing qualities of physical being.

8) Have fun.

Received November 6, 2011 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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