Offering from Higgins: Numbers have energy thus the development of that which you call Numerology. Much the way the plants spoke to first peoples (and still speak to people) sharing each individual plants’ special healing uses, numbers have energy/information to share that has been in some ways forgotten.

Eleven is a special number, you call it a Master Number, and so it is a master number for eleven is a number representative of both creation and manifestation.

Look today at what life brings. Today’s events are especially indicative of the sum total of your past creative efforts. They not only are manifestation of what you’ve been thinking, speaking and doing for the last many years they are also a flashing neon sign indicating the direction your life is headed.

We encourage you to choose some words that define you in the way that you see yourself in your private thoughts–those thoughts you have about yourself that are so big, arrogant and lofty that you simply do not share them with others or perhaps private thoughts about how you wish to present yourself to the world.

Words like kind, artist, gentle, masterful, witty, genius, athlete, strong, compassionate, saviour, healer, writer, actor, magnificent, fair, beautiful, graceful.

What is your dream for yourself? Today is a magnificent day to decide who you are today and who you wish to be tomorrow. Start planning now for twenty years hence and every year make a plan for 20 years hence.

Use the power of 11-11-11 to assist you in creating and manifesting a magnificent life experience.

Received November 11, 2011 at Everett, Washington

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