Song Plays Over and Over in My Mind

Question: Is there any meaning when a song plays over and over in my mind?

Higgins: A hearty yes to that.

Your Spirit Guides continually try to communicate with you and this is one form of communication. Notice which lyrics actually run over and over in your mind. What do the words say?

The song’s lyrics will be specific regarding a message they have for you. The lyrics may be as simple as, “Loving you is easy”. They are telling you they love you.

Lyrics can also tell you other things, “Don’t fear the reaper.” They’re telling you to do what needs to be done. All is well.

Allow lines of communication to develop between you and your Spirit Guides. Life is easier and more fun, “with a little help from your friends”.

Received November 26, 2011 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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