How to Speak Without Judgement

Offering from Higgins:

The best way to speak without judgement is to be without judgement. It is possible to speak without judgement while being judgmental but this is much like acting nice rather than actually being nice.

The development of compassion is crucial to living without judgement.

A good understanding of compassion is thus:  the ability to completely absorb and fully understand the position another is in, totally disagree with it, and yet feel deep appreciation for where the other person is in their life.

Another good understanding of compassion is thus: a deep and abiding appreciation for the life situation of any other person, regardless of whether their current place in life suits you.

Include within your deep understanding the broadest scope of man on Earth and man and earth, still feel a deep and abiding appreciation for all that ‘man on Earth and man and earth’ encompasses, then you will have developed compassion. Then speaking without judgement will come naturally, the way bulbs poke their heads out of the ground in spring.

We encourage you to practice compassion until you know what compassion is.

Received December 18, 2011 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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