How Do I Get Motivated?

Question: How do I get motivated?

Higgins: Impulses and inspiration are designed to provide motivation. If you seem not to have the oomph, or wherewithal, to follow through on these offerings then a little work may be required on your part.

A most excellent practice is to roll ideas around in your brain. The practice of tossing ideas around in the brain gets an energetic flow moving regarding the topic. The stronger and faster the flow of positive thought upon the topic the more likely you are to follow-up on it.

(Note that developing a negative flow of thought upon a topic will squash the idea very quickly.)

While it may seem as though the excitement and stimulation of an impulse or inspiration should be strong enough in its own right to stimulate you to action that is very often not the case. A little extra effort on your part is needed to start a cascade of ideas. That moment when the cascade becomes an avalanche is when your original idea begins to have enough momentum to carry you into action.

Received December 20, 2011 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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