Why Am I So Mad?

Question: Why am I so mad? It seems like the whole world conspires against me. I am foiled in pursuing my dreams at every turn. Even driving down the street cars pull out in front of me or drive really, really slowly. I’m blocked in everything I do. It just seems like the only thing to do is be mad.

Higgins: Let’s answer this by breaking it down in parts.

First, the whole world is not conspiring against you. The Universe conspires for you. The Universe is pro you and continually offers you metaphorical representations of you…in abundance. If you don’t like what you see then you need to look inward rather than outward. The world is not doing this to you. You are doing this to you.

Next, if it seems to you that the things you want are not easily achievable, they won’t be. The Universe will offer you all sorts of things to hamper your progress and that is what is happening to you. The Universe, in its absolute abundance offers you so much blockage that blockages show up myriad ways. Whether these metaphorical representations of your belief that something else is blocking you from achieving your dreams show up as drivers driving slowly in front of you or whether they show up as other people performing literal acts that impede your progress matters not. It is the same result: you feel as if you’ve been hamstrung and are literally unable to make progress.

The answer to this dilemma is to change your attitude. Stop making excuses as to why you can’t complete a thing. Do whatever it takes to get done no matter how long it takes or how many extra miles you have to go. If you wish to write a book and have to do it with crayon on napkins, do it. If you wish to exercise routinely but it means getting out of bed at 4AM to do so, do it. If you wish to learn to speak a foreign language fluently get started. Don’t worry that you seemingly have no opportunity to practice it. Start and the opportunity will arrive. And that is true for all things. Start anyway and opportunity will  arrive.

You will notice as you quit making excuses that you quit needing to make excuses because the universe now offers opportunity rather than blockage. What you will find remarkable is that as you change your attitude with persistence others will seem to stop getting in your way. What you need to understand is that they never did get in your way. You got in your way. Get out of your own way and you’ll have no reason to be angry anymore.

Remember that these feelings of anger are offered to you because they have power. The feelings of inability to cope with all the ways you are blocked from progressing towards your dreams is a low energetic frequency so if you have to choose, anger is better but anger is only helpful if it stimulates you to action, the sort of action a powerful person takes–no excuses just do it.

Received December 26, 2011 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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