Look with Compassion at the Fear that Brought the Act About

Offering from Higgins:

When one of you commits an act detrimental to Earth and to mankind that one must not be judged upon the act but rather you who are the observer look with compassion at the fear that brought the act about.

Then you the observer look within yourself and determine whether in your everyday existence do you yourself live a life promoting a safe environment for all to exist within?

None of you ever commit negative acts from a place of Truth. The way to correct all the ‘sins’ you see in your physical world is to live ye your Truth in such a way that others may find their Truth.

Living in Truth has been much tainted by misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the Bible. While there is truth in the Bible, your Truth lies within you.  Living ye in your own Truth will never hurt another.

Check inside your heart for a feeling of positivity or strength or even relief. If you find any of those you are headed in the right direction. Next, think about the ramifications of your proposed action. Will it hurt anyone? If it harm none and indeed, help everyone, then you are  safe to move ahead with action.

Received December 28, 2011 at Everett, Washington

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