Hard to Throw Old Clothes Away

Question: Why is it so hard to throw old clothes away?

Higgins: Almost always when you have difficulty throwing a thing away, clothes or anything, it is because you have vested energy into the object and throwing it away causes you to lose energy. The energy loss is tangible and that is what causes you to resist tossing those items you are through with.

One option is to thank the item you are ready to release for its good use, bless it on its way and as you place it in the garbage or donation bag ask for the energy you’ve left in it to return to you. It will happen upon the instant and you will feel a degree better.

More rarely, the thing itself has other ideas for its future. All things are sentient and have preference and if that seems to be the case then re-home it when the time is right.

Received December 28, 2011 at Everett, Washington

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