Where is Mankind Headed?

Question: Where is mankind headed?

Higgins: Mankind is an aspect of All That Is, of God, of Allah, of the Source of All Things, of Creator. There is only one thing mankind can do and that is return to the God-Self. So while each of you is here enjoying a wondrous physical body in this magnificent physical location each of you has only one true direction and that is towards connection with, and expression of, one’s God-Self.

We call the God-Self the Self or Broader Self and we call expression of your Self expressing the Truth of Who You Are. The whole you we call the Eternal Self because that which you perceive as ‘I’ and that largely unperceived Broader Self (that most of you are unaware of) are one eternal multi-faceted package.

Each is born with full understanding that they will be guided by this Broader Self while upon the Earth. What happens is: the density of the physical body/realm is more powerful than your Eternal Self expected and is overwhelming when paired with the teachings of those primary beings in your life; parents, teachers, friends, etc… who help shape your beliefs.

That said, one either reconnects here in this physical realm with their Truth or reconnects with their Truth after they die and pass back into their non-physical form. There is no other option but to return to one’s God Self.

Now for the answer to the question: Where is mankind headed?

Mankind is headed towards complete reconnection with their Broader Self while in the physical body.

You may well ask, “What is the importance of that reconnection?”

A physical being who is in harmony with their Truth whether or not they completely understand how they are connected to a Broader Self will move through physical life with grace and ease, enjoying life fully. When their physical days draw to an end, these harmonious beings will simply return to their Eternal form without fuss–no need for poor health, illness, or trauma to take them out as so many of you do now.

Life on Earth when in harmony with one’s Truth is a blessed existence. In one’s Truth one makes decisions based only upon desire and all decisions can only lead to a common good for all.

En masse, what you physicals are trying to do is create that seemingly elusive Heaven on Earth.

Received Friday, April 13, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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